A solution from a new generation

WhiteBox is a common project between “Almero” and “Acherno” - an interior design studio. The project represents on online based solution for rendering of a 3D images. This significantly reduce the working process of companies like “Acherno”, saving them a lot of money for a special technology required for this type of work. The project has a big potential for developing if there is an enought funding.


High achievements

Behind the easy to use platform for remote control, we had to dealt with a very complicated server`s infrastructure. Our big experience in this field allowed us to create a single data center, which gave us the convidence that we can solve more and more complicated technical issues.

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Web design and development Project post

A presenting of the service

We created a simple and clean design that can promote the qualities of the application. It has an informative role and it is a starting point for the presenting of the service and money funding. This is why it contants a well structured and concrete information.

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Software development Project post

Fast and reliable

The solution of the problem is in the developing of a system, which allows to reduce the time for generating of a computer images with adding an additional computing resources to the system. This software makes the computer images to generate in a just few minutes. This is increasing the speed time, without being compesated by the quality of the image.

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