Focused in reaching the top

We made an interesting and innovative website about the practice of Viktor Ilieff. The website contains a lot of information about Viktor Ilieff and provides all of the answers for someone who is interested in Viktor Ilieff as a composer, conductor and a person at all. The website had to be well constructed and with well arranged content to meet the expectations of the visitors.

All you need for a good presentation

We created a series of video materials, which required a complexive organization, logistic and professional montage. Thank to them the personal website of Viktor Ilieff meets all of the expectations and now this the head way for expanding the practice of the young conposer and conductor. This is the only project, on which we do not use SEO optimization and online advertising. Because of the specific target group these ways of promoting wouldn`t be effective.

Victor Ilieff

With an attention to the smallest details

The proper targeting and the attractive multimedia materials are the main rule for the good presenting of an artist. We rely on this approach to create the basics for the world scense for the young conductor Viktor Ilieff.

The specific target group of professionals required a special approach with his presenting. We took an advantage of the modern technologies and marketing know-how to represent his complex skills – his experience, talant, knowledge and professional networking.

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Marketing strategy Project post

Superior marketing concert

The whole conception for the digital marketing of the conductor and composer Viktor Ilieff was oriented to the target group and its expectations. We have to act quite innovative, because of the specific target group – a small number of professionals in the classical music in Europe and in the world at all. We planned and accomplished a strategy that will impresses people and it is different from the mass presentations of composers and conductors.

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Web design and development Project post

Forget about the cliches

We created a website that will impresses with its style and to differ from the cliches in this field. We chose the design to be modern, clean and prime, but not simple. In the center of our work was Viktor Ilieff and his work.

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Video marketing and photograpy Project post

A point of view

The main part of the presentation of Viktor Ilieff was the creaating of the audio and video materials. The best way to present an artist is the honestly first-person sharing of his work. This is why the significant part of the video materials had been taken from the first-person story of the conductor and his personal successes and what he thinks about his art.

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