A long-term results

In a result of the marketing campaign MentoMate hired more than 120 developers in 9 months. The overall company reputation was reshaped and we increased the feed of a high qualified candidates. The method that we chose gave a better and long-term result, than using an ordinary HR agency.

A step by step reputation

We created a website that was highly oriented to developers, showing the best sides of the company – working conditions, social benefits, team working, interesting projects and etc. We filmed a series of video materials that was focused on the different sectors and technologies that are important for the employees. We managed to create a few online advertising campaigns that will reach developers that do not currently looking for a new job. This singnificanly increased the range of the pontential candidates, beyond these that are regularly searching the webiste for job offers. We popularize the company with a good SEO optimization, to be sure that its brand name will appear on first page of the organic results, which succesfuly reshaped the reputation of the company a front of the candidates.


With a concrete target

Our main task was to help the company in hiring new employees in a specific period of time. We made a detailed plan of the way that the company will be presented. The vital part of our work was that the target group were not the clients of the company. We had to focus on the professionals that will have an interest to start working there.

When MentorMate got in touch with us they was a front of a serious challenge. To complete the newly-signed contracts with their clients, that had to hire over 100 developers and QA specialist in the next 12 monts, which looks “almost” impossible, according to the lakc of popularity of the company.

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Web design and development Project post

Appeal to the target audience

We wanted to show the competitive advantages of “Mentormate” and the attitude to the employees. We presented the crews and the opportunies that came with the work – valuable knowledge, growth opportunities and the chance to make individual decisions on the work on the projects.

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Video marketing and photograpy Project post

Trust and interest

We chose to present the company from its first side, si it will create confidence and interest. To achieve this goal we filmed and montaged series of interviews with some of the key people in “Mentormate”

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An advertising strategy

We created an advertising strategy, which can help the company to ensure the already eastablished reputation in the future.

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Control over the information

We put a lot of efforts in publishing a possitive and monitored information all over Internet for “MentorMate” in a short time and we achieved an excellent results.

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