The speed is over everything

The project is a partnership with “Acherno” - A studio for interior design. This is a perfect example of how the high technologies can make the work goes fast and smoothly and to increase the effectivity of the working process. For a succesful developing of such kind of a comlicated infrastructure projects , it is very important to have a strong technical background, but there is a lot more. The deploying of the full potential of such kind of projects also require some financial funds.

A private cloud

The combination of an easy to use product with a high realiability and effectivity requires not only a significant hardware technologies, but also a software, which can optimize the working process of the software products, providing more speed. The solution of the problem hides in the developing of a system, which allows to reduce the time for generating of a computer images with adding an additional computing resources to the system. This software makes the computer images to generate in a just few minutes Our experience in the interior design, shows that the time for generating of one high quality image takes between 6 and 10 hours, using a modern highly productive working station. Thanks to the functionality of Whitebox this time is reduced to 5-10 minutes. An another important specification of the product is the that its computing capabilities can be used from a several people, that work on a different projects, at the same time, on a different working stations. Using of Whitebox does not require an additional training of the employees and does not make the work more complicated.

A confidence in the whole system

The guarantee of the reability of the whole system requires a permanent monitoring and fixing of the mistakes. This was completed with collecting and analizing of a big sources of information in a long test period. One of the leaders in the interior design - “Acherno” trusts on Whitebox in its work, which is a gurantee for a reliability and a high effectivity of the application.

Software development

Our own data center

The data center, with his own servers, give us the confidence that we can offer secure, fast and reliable access of your clients to your website. Along with this we can provide you with an unlimited disk space for hosting of your website.

We cooperative very well with the big hosting companies, which guarantee you safety and calmness about your online presence.

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Web design and development Project post

A presenting of the service

We created a simple and clean design that can promote the qualities of the application. It has an informative role and it is a starting point for the presenting of the service and money funding. This is why it contants a well structured and concrete information.

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