The pictures change everything

The professional photo session, which we performed, was the basis for the digital marketing strategy of the dental service of 'Beautiful smile”. We created the intial creative vision, which had to be in unison with the preliminary targets on the project: /webto craete a new vision of the dental office and to show a different attitude to the service.

We used the dental office as a place, where we took the photos. We took the maximum benefits from the place, where the photos were taken. To represent the six thematic scenes we hired a professional photographer and models, the necessary props, a makeup artist and a hairdresser. The filming of every scene required a different makeup, hairstyles, props, lighting and a rearrangement of the décor. In the end of the sessions the pictures received an extra computer processing.

An impressive result

The final result impresses because of the unique vision, despite of the low budget and the short period of time, in which the phtoto session was made.

Video marketing and photograpy

There are things you tell with words, you have to see them

One picture showes more than 1000 words and the good video shows more than 1000 pictures. This is exactly where the power of a multimedia marketing hides. The time when the most important thing for the internet presence were only the web-design and the content of the website is over. The influence of the video clips and the short movies is huge and when they are adapted to the marketing strategy and advertised in the right way this inevitably leads in attracting more clients.

We have the self-convidence that we know how to create video clips that not only will show your business in the best way, but also creates emotions and turn out your clients into fans of your product of service.

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Marketing strategy

Impress, surprise, provoke

We had to be creative and to suggest a provocative vission, which will distinguish “Beautiful Smile” among the other dental offices and will present the trivial service in a new interesting way.We created a conception for a special photo session, a creative content and for a coordinating of the whole process. The photo session had to original, without bein boring and too far away from the dental services at all.

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Web design and development Project post

Design that tells a story

During the creation of the website we took into account a few major requirements – to be modern, to be under the idea to be provocative and to be with a responsible design – to be developed for a different mobile devices and in same time to load fast and to work equally well on a different operation systems.

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