Analysis were the basis for corrects and developing

Analysis are a regular part of all of the our projects, but we keep a close attention, at the initial start of our work, especially when we are promoting a service, related to the health of the people. We had to create a confidence in the potential clients that using the service is safe and they will be extremely satisfied from it.

Making changes all the time

The analysis were our corrective and help us to found out how the land lies for making changes in the content and the structure of the website of dr. Kambov. They also helped us to check which advertisnig channels will be the most valuable for our work on the project. During the advertising campaign we were making changes all the time. We were searching for the perfect combination from channels and activities and the anlysis gave us the confidence that our efforts will keep our progress or even get better results.

The most important part that we found out was that the effect of the proper presenting can convert the visitors from potential to real clients


We evaluate everything

Even in the early begging of the planning we make a valuation of the popularity as of the product or the service as also of the competitors. This primary analysis help us to choice the most useful advertising channels for your target groups that will convert sales and leads with a minimum budget. But this is not all. In the course of our work we periodically create analyzes for evaluating of the campaigns, the client behaviour, which give us the information where we have to make some corrections.

Unlike the standart advertising channels – the print advertising, radio and TV and direct advertising – the online advertising campagns everything can be evaluated and we can get an accurate information about every move.

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Marketing strategy Project post

Earn patients trust

We used a combination of all commucation channels. This defined the way we promote the webiste ove the Internet. We relied on a combination between the website, blog and Facebook page with valuable for the patients content and slogans.

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SEO Project post

SEO optimization

The SEO optimization of the website took a vital place in the strategy of the promotion of dr.Kambov`s practice.

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Web design and development Project post

Evaluating different strategies

The structure of the webiste has been created in a way that will allow us to make easily changes in the future. In the time, while we was working on the project we changed the structure and the vision of the website three times, until we found the best design, which will be the most attractive for the visitors.

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Why and how?

Following the information from the analyses about the behaviour of the visitors on the website, we managed to achieve excellent results with an well–planned advertising budget.

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Software development Project post

In a favour to the patient

We created an online dental database, to engage in long-term part the patients and to increase not just their confidence in the service, but their loyalty, too. The online medical database allows everyone to check out the progress of his treatment, to plan the future screenings and dental procedures that folllow. We predicted the option the online databates to be not just personal, but also family. The family dental database successfully combined the effect of the new innovations ,increasing the motivation and the discipline of the patients.

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Video marketing and photograpy Project post

Online video presence

Online videos are a succesful way for communication with the people that are interested in their health. The large number of video materials on varius topics allowed us to promote them regularity and to keep the high interest to the service.

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