SEO optimization as a part of the whole marketing strategy

After the massive advertising campaign we had enough data to analize the behaviour of our clients. After we already knew what our clients want to see in the website, we decided to move on with the optimization for the organic results in Google.

We put the focus on two main parts of the optimization – working on the content of the website and creating a network of links – linkbuilding. In creating the text of the website we followed all of the requirements for a quality content, which will be valuable for the visitors. We relied on a SEO strategies, which will focus on the most important keywords from the content, while someone is search in Google for information about the service or aesthetic medicine at all. We built a wide range of thematic links to improve the ranking in the organic results in Google. We connect the links to the keywords, describing the business of dr. Guduleva, but also matching with the keywords, for which people are searching over the Internet.


Good long-term SEO results

The SEO optimization of one website is a vital part of its good ranking in the search engines. We know how to provide a stable presence on the first places in the search engines for your website. We can prepare the content in a way that will increase the ranking and the presence on the first page of Google. Because of the fact that we are always trying to give to our clients only the best, we calculate the overall price about the on-page and off-page SEO optimziation of the website, the creating of a network of a relavant backlinks (linkbuilding) or a combination from the two of them.

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Marketing strategy

First-class digital marketing

We promote not just the service as it was, but dr. Guduleva as a specialist and we built a bridge of confidence between her and her practice.

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Web design and development Project post

Stylish web presence

We created very stylish webite, which had to be with a good visual conception and in the same time to be on a very high technical level. We combined extremely successfully a big sort of information with the classy and clean design.

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Video marketing and photograpy Project post

Integrated branding

We developed the conception for the photo session and the video presenting in together with the vision of the site.

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Targeted advertising

We created a whole media plan, combined with an advertising campaigns in a several channels and we succeeded to reach to the maximum of our potential clients.

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