Video campaign that presents dr. Lilia Guduleva as a professional

The videos, in their main part, were oriented in honestly first-person presenting of dr. Guduleva as a specialist in estetic medicine. This is why she was the main person in the photo sessions, too. Each and all of the photos had to present her in a way that will inspire confidence in her skills.

We relied on the same method in filming the series of short video materials, in which dr. Guduleva explains in a ordinary language the qualities of the estetic medicine for each of the zones of the face. Our previous experience has learned us that the video materials are extremely effective in creating a credence in the potential cliens. Paying a serious attention on the montage and the post-production were with a significant importance for the success of the video campaign.

Video marketing and photograpy

There are things you tell with words, you have to see them

One picture showes more than 1000 words and the good video shows more than 1000 pictures. This is exactly where the power of a multimedia marketing hides. The time when the most important thing for the internet presence were only the web-design and the content of the website is over. The influence of the video clips and the short movies is huge and when they are adapted to the marketing strategy and advertised in the right way this inevitably leads in attracting more clients.

We have the self-convidence that we know how to create video clips that not only will show your business in the best way, but also creates emotions and turn out your clients into fans of your product of service.

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Marketing strategy

First-class digital marketing

We promote not just the service as it was, but dr. Guduleva as a specialist and we built a bridge of confidence between her and her practice.

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Integrated SEO

We went very carefully through the SEO optimization, following all of the rules recommended from Google for a better ranking in the search engine. We created a well known and possitive brand over the Internet.

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Web design and development Project post

Stylish web presence

We created very stylish webite, which had to be with a good visual conception and in the same time to be on a very high technical level. We combined extremely successfully a big sort of information with the classy and clean design.

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Targeted advertising

We created a whole media plan, combined with an advertising campaigns in a several channels and we succeeded to reach to the maximum of our potential clients.

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