To be in front of the competition

We presented the webiste of dr. Guduleva in a flawless and in a way more different way compared with the mediocre websites, which offer this kind of a service. We managed to define the practice of dr. Lilia Guduleva as more valuable from the service of the other beauty salons and this fact gave us a lot of advantages. Despite of the low popularity of such kind of a service, our work gave us serious lead among the competition.

To win the trustness of the future clients

Firstly, our research showed us that the service is not used by many people, but in the same time there is some interest in it. The big difference from the potential clients in other niches were their rigor and distrust. Our biggest advantage in this case was the medical education of dr. Lilia Guduleva. The whole marketing campagn, was focused on promoting her as a high qualified specialist and her services – as a procedure of the aesthetic medicine.

Following the marketing srategy

We had a lot of time and budget to create a wide marketing campaign. The massive advertising campaign, which we plannned, required everything on the project to be done in a very high details. All of the visual materials were matched in a common style and conception. The web desing and the structure of the website had to impress and to hold the attention of the visitors. All of the images, which were used in the design, were preliminary directed and filmed in a professional way to complete the vision for beauty and grace.

Marketing strategy

Things that work

During our longstanding work on different types of marketing projects we have gained a big experience in appraising the effectivity of a variable activities and channels, dependingly on the strategic targets for a business development. In the work together with the clients we share our know-how and we can give a concrete proposals for what will be the most effective strategy, depending of the type of the business, the competitors and the previous planned targets. Thanks to all of this we can protect you from an uncalled-for expenses and optimize the budget for advertising.

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Integrated SEO

We went very carefully through the SEO optimization, following all of the rules recommended from Google for a better ranking in the search engine. We created a well known and possitive brand over the Internet.

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Web design and development Project post

Stylish web presence

We created very stylish webite, which had to be with a good visual conception and in the same time to be on a very high technical level. We combined extremely successfully a big sort of information with the classy and clean design.

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Video marketing and photograpy Project post

Integrated branding

We developed the conception for the photo session and the video presenting in together with the vision of the site.

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Targeted advertising

We created a whole media plan, combined with an advertising campaigns in a several channels and we succeeded to reach to the maximum of our potential clients.

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