No compromises with the loading speed

The hosting of the website on our own data center, where we had a full control on the servers allowed us without any concerns to proceed from the old to the new configuration without stopping the working process of the company. For our work on the project it was very important to achieve a high loading speed. To provided it on one hand, we reduced the content and imporoved the desing of the website, from the other hand – we provided a virtual server, which guaratee a significantly better loading speed and acccesabilty to the website compared with the shared hosting, used before we started to work on the project.

The new system that we created gave us more reliable and systemized information about the requests and the interests of the clients. We managed to analyze it for the needs of the marketing strategy.

Software development

Our own data center

The data center, with his own servers, give us the confidence that we can offer secure, fast and reliable access of your clients to your website. Along with this we can provide you with an unlimited disk space for hosting of your website.

We cooperative very well with the big hosting companies, which guarantee you safety and calmness about your online presence.

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Marketing strategy Project post

Choose a proven strategy

The short period of time for advertising defined the main method for advertising of “Kitchens Dialog”. We relied on a tested and proven advertising campaigns and channels. Our experience helped us to made a precise planning of the expenses for advertising, without any negative suprises in the results.

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A systematized information

Collecting of a systemtic information and requests via Internet and in the office, showed us where we have to make some corrections to increase as the time spend from the clients in the website, as also the number of visitors in the store.

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Web design and development Project post

A full re-design

The result from the launching of the the new website was beyond the expectations – there was a significant increasing of the average duration of the visitors on the website and also a high percent of reducing of the dropped visitors from the website. We also got a feedback from the showroom that some of the clients had took an actiion after they visit the webiste of the company.

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Video marketing and photograpy Project post

Filming, montage and postproduction

The video, published on the website of the company, leaded to a very high interest among the visitors. The analisys of their behaviour showed us that the people that had watched the video material, spend a lot more time on the website or visit the showroom and make a request.

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Campaign planning and successful execution

Our experience in the planning and the creating of an advertising campaigns with a different budget s allowed us to developed a winning strategy that gave the necessary results immediately. The budget allowed us to provide a constantly advertising presence. Depending on the previous planning, the advertising was oriented as well a exlusive promotion, as also for a permanent campaigns.

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