To develop with the company

We chose a sample and clear web design for Black Market and put the focus on the clothes, sewed by the company. The web design had to combine the different colour schemes with the variety of pictures, without being obsessive.

The another feature for which we had to thought about was the option to add a large amount of information about the company, because not only the service wasn`t so popular, but the porfolio of Black Market was getting bigger and bigger. Moreover it had to be developed in an unison with the fast increasing portfolio. We provided the website with the feature for easily adding of video materials, iamges and the sketches of the clothes.

Interesting presenting of the service

We relied on a strategy that will attract the potential clients with an interesting representing of the service that will provoke them to view as many pages as they can. In order not to be boring the web design had to allowed fast loading and also to be adjusted for changes in the structure and for SEO optimization. To make sure that the information about the service is well arranged and visitors will find all they need, each of the pages had to show a specific product and moreover to throw light on the service that Black Market offers.

Pernament updating of the websites with articles for each styling required a strict images and files transfer. We created a system for file transfer, which made the working process easier and exclude the possibility for any errors.

Web design and development

A different point of view

The leading point of view in our work is the principle that every client should get the best from our work. We do not use default templates, but our own, which do not have any restrictions in the design or the functionality. Thanks of the individual method of working and the extensive work we guarantee not only an attractive and catchy online presence, but also a miximum effectivity from our work.

For us the website is a tool for attracting more clients and sales, which has a pre-set target and life. Our experience showes us that the website effectivity or life is no more than 2 to 5 yeards. After this period it needs to be re-designed, because of the new technologies and the actions of the competitors.

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Video marketing and photograpy Project post

Promo video

The creation of the series of video materials were one of the most essential moments from the advertising of the service. They were the main tool in attracting more clients. The content on the website is not so important for the attractive presenting of a styling, than the good multimedia presence.

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Find a channel

In the start of our work with Black Market in was clear that we will have a limited budget for advestising. In the same time there was almost no interest in the service, because of its specifications. This is why we focused on an advetising via the social networks and publishing of images and video materials.

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Video marketing and photograpy Project post

Behind the scenes

To popularize and to imposed the new fashion line of DJ Marten, created together with Black Market, we filmed a series of video clips in which we focused on the original style of the clothes. After that we created a lot of fashionable videos with a small duration. Compared with the video materials, which advertise the services of Black Market, the aim of the second batch of videos was to give the visitor a positive emotions and a good mood.

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Fast and easy

The SEO optimization of the website had a complementary role in the whole marketing strategy of BlackMarket.

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Web design and development Project post

Marten X Black Market

We relied on a fashionable and in the same way sample website with just a few text lines The website combines the multimedia materials and the product presence with the sales part of the website. The focus fell on the clothes, sewed from Black Market and the emotions that they provide.

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Tought choice

We tested different advertising channels, which gave us a lot the information about the service, not only about the most valuable option for advertising of Black Market, but also for the client behaviour and etc.

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