Introduceing your product to the people

The creating of the series of video materials were one of the most essential moments from the advertising of the service. They were the main tool in attracting more clients. The content on the website is not so important for the attractive presenting of a styling, than the good multimedia presence.

The content and the structure suffered some changes in the tme

To provide a regular publishing of the video materials with the necessary frequency we planned and filmed a huge number of video clips. Their topics and content had growth up in the time, with an unison with the differences with the challenges upfront of Black Market. The first video materials, was telling a first hand stories – the clients of the workshop helped us to present their point of view, showing their new styling. We published all of them in facebook and the shares among the fans of the facebook page helped us to get the initial clients feed.

Professionalism and an attention to the details

The second series of video materials popularize the service, showing the whole working process, focusing on the professionalism and the attention, just like Black Market works on every single project. The main challenge in these video clips was that we had to present one comparatively boring service, like sewing, in a attractive and interesting way.

Video marketing and photograpy

There are things you tell with words, you have to see them

One picture showes more than 1000 words and the good video shows more than 1000 pictures. This is exactly where the power of a multimedia marketing hides. The time when the most important thing for the internet presence were only the web-design and the content of the website is over. The influence of the video clips and the short movies is huge and when they are adapted to the marketing strategy and advertised in the right way this inevitably leads in attracting more clients.

We have the self-convidence that we know how to create video clips that not only will show your business in the best way, but also creates emotions and turn out your clients into fans of your product of service.

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Web design and development Project post

Starting a new brand

We choice a sample and clear web design for Black Market and put the focus on the clothes, sewed by the company. The web design had to combine the different colour schemes with the variety of pictures, without being obsessive.

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Find a channel

In the start of our work with Black Market in was clear that we will have a limited budget for advestising. In the same time there was almost no interest in the service, because of its specifications. This is why we focused on an advetising via the social networks and publishing of images and video materials.

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Video marketing and photograpy Project post

Behind the scenes

To popularize and to imposed the new fashion line of DJ Marten, created together with Black Market, we filmed a series of video clips in which we focused on the original style of the clothes. After that we created a lot of fashionable videos with a small duration. Compared with the video materials, which advertise the services of Black Market, the aim of the second batch of videos was to give the visitor a positive emotions and a good mood.

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Fast and easy

The SEO optimization of the website had a complementary role in the whole marketing strategy of BlackMarket.

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Web design and development Project post

Marten X Black Market

We relied on a fashionable and in the same way sample website with just a few text lines The website combines the multimedia materials and the product presence with the sales part of the website. The focus fell on the clothes, sewed from Black Market and the emotions that they provide.

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Tought choice

We tested different advertising channels, which gave us a lot the information about the service, not only about the most valuable option for advertising of Black Market, but also for the client behaviour and etc.

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