The continuous work gives great results

The growth in the social networks was one of the singnificant goals in the whole marketing strategy of “Acherno”. The main challenge was to use the potential of the company, without losing the focus on the target group. Our aim was not only to attract a lot of people as a potential clients, but also to keep them on the Facebook page and to create a long-term relationships. This obligated us to publish trending and interesting information, beautiful images and video materials, which will increase the engagement. We took a maximum advantage from the opportunities, which Facebook gives – frequent actualization and uploading a high amount of information.

To increase the interes and the curiosity of the potential clients, we created two separated applications: for price sorting of the successful projects and for tematic arrangment of the successful projects with an easier navigation.

A source of clients

The result from our work on the overall work on the Facebook page of [“Acherno”] ( was that we have already attracted over 74 00 potential clients, who volunterary liked the page of the conmapy for interior design.

Marketing strategy Project post

Outpace competition

The whole conception for the digital marketing strategy of Acherno was built on the idea to be in a long term plan. It had to be enought flexible and effective for a start – up workshop, but also to be appropriate for a serious company, leader in the sector of the interior design services.

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Web design and development Project post

Bigger, better, faster

We prediced the option to change the structure and the content of the web site easily and frequently. We decided that we should make changes depending on the behavior and the reactions of the clients, because of the lack of information and the low popularity of the service.

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Software development Project post

Tehnology and automation

All of the programs and applications are integrated in a way to achieve full optimization of the working processes, the file transter and the client`s servicing. The process of developing and integrating the system "Digital Asset Managment", the perodical synchronization and the back up of information, guarantee reliability and reduces to minimum the option of any wrong comands in the system.

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To get the maximum from everything

We decided to rely on a stretegy for a massive advertising campaign, which will attract more potential customers. The relatively high price for a customer conversion and the specific customer behavior in acquiring the service – once a time, determined the need to focus on the high effective advertising channels and slogans.

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One of the main rules in our work is that only the precise targeting is the successful way for making right decisions.

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Video marketing and photograpy Project post

Video marketing

One of the videos that we created provoked a quite of interest and after the advertising campaign was done it had reached a lot of potential costumers and was watched from over 400 people. Another video material, which we made for 'Acherno' has been already seen from over 15 000 people.

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Stay in front

The optimization in a wide range of keywords gave us the opportunity to reach large auditory, with lower budget, than if we had decided to use only online advertising .

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