A strategy that will resist the challenges of the time

The whole conception about the digital marketing of Acherno was built on the idea to be in a long-term plan. It had to be enought flexible and effective for a start – up workshop, but also to be appropriate for a serious company, leader in the sector of the interior design services. This is why the digital marketing strategy was developing at the same time with the whole service operations of the company.

Making the right changes

The challenges, which we had to face up at the beginning were so much different from these after the expansion of Acherno. The goals and the cases, which we had to solved up, were different. In the time, while we were working on the project, we changed the way in which we represething Acherno. We took a look of the communication channels and the messages we were sending to the target group.

To pay attention on the details

In the begging our efforts were focused to get people familiar with the interior desing as a service. In that days Acherno still didn`t have a big portfolio. In the same time the service was not well known from the most of the people. We started to advertise the workshop as a company, which provides high quality, but also not so expensive service, not only available for a few well-off and rich people. We oriented it for a modern thinking people, who carry on the good work and value their own time.

Later then, when the company has already become one of the leaders in the sector, we had to find the most fascinating and interesing way to represent the huge amount of projects in the portfolio. We insisted on the leadership position, using some PR articles, the opportunities that the social networks gives us and focusing on SEO optimization.

In the begging of our work the asspect was to focus on getting new customers. However, after the company develop our efforts was focused on managing the clients` feed, speeding up the work processes of the team and the client servicing with integrating new technologies.

Marketing strategy

Things that work

During our longstanding work on different types of marketing projects we have gained a big experience in appraising the effectivity of a variable activities and channels, dependingly on the strategic targets for a business development. In the work together with the clients we share our know-how and we can give a concrete proposals for what will be the most effective strategy, depending of the type of the business, the competitors and the previous planned targets. Thanks to all of this we can protect you from an uncalled-for expenses and optimize the budget for advertising.

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Web design and development Project post

Bigger, better, faster

We prediced the option to change the structure and the content of the web site easily and frequently. We decided that we should make changes depending on the behavior and the reactions of the clients, because of the lack of information and the low popularity of the service.

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Software development Project post

Tehnology and automation

All of the programs and applications are integrated in a way to achieve full optimization of the working processes, the file transter and the client`s servicing. The process of developing and integrating the system "Digital Asset Managment", the perodical synchronization and the back up of information, guarantee reliability and reduces to minimum the option of any wrong comands in the system.

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To get the maximum from everything

We decided to rely on a stretegy for a massive advertising campaign, which will attract more potential customers. The relatively high price for a customer conversion and the specific customer behavior in acquiring the service – once a time, determined the need to focus on the high effective advertising channels and slogans.

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One of the main rules in our work is that only the precise targeting is the successful way for making right decisions.

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Video marketing and photograpy Project post

Video marketing

One of the videos that we created provoked a quite of interest and after the advertising campaign was done it had reached a lot of potential costumers and was watched from over 400 people. Another video material, which we made for 'Acherno' has been already seen from over 15 000 people.

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Stay in front

The optimization in a wide range of keywords gave us the opportunity to reach large auditory, with lower budget, than if we had decided to use only online advertising .

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