Marketing strategy

A marketing strategy

We can offer you a creating and a maintance of a whole marketing strategy for the period of one to two years, which is regarded to your business, target groups and budget. The marketing strategy consists creating the vision, the slogans, proper using of the advertising channels for best reslults and calculating and analising of the results.

Video marketing and photograpy

Preparing the images on the website

Immediately after the defining of the target groups and the slogans we move in covering the necessary pictures, which will re-present your buisness in the best way. We provide the professional filming and processing of the frames and also the models, the scene makeout and the props, when they are necessary.

Web design and development

Releasing of a prototype of the website

In a short period of time we develop the web-design and launch a prototype of your website, which consists all of the main information about the services or products you offer. This is a starting point, which give us the oppportunity to analize the web behaviour of your clients and let us to make decisions about our future steps.


Calculating the budget and starting of the advertising campaign

We calculate the advertising budget, according to the targets and your financial resources. The advertising strategy is divided on the diffrent types of ads and advertising channels. We precisely choose where to advertise, following the rule for a precise targeting in the best price. After we have already started, we make an optimization of the expenses, so we can insist on the most effective campaign that will convert more sales on a lowest price.


SEO optimization

We choose the keywords, which will be optimized for a better rating in the organic search results in Google. We make an optimization of the content of your website with the keywords that re-present your business in the best way. We work on the linkbuilding – creating a network of a relevant links and registrations in web directories that will increase the ranking in the saerch results of your website.


Analisys of the effectivity

We make a regular analisys of the information about the visitors on the website and their behaviour after and before they perform an action on the website. This give us the opportunity to value the achieved result up to this moment and the effectivity of the website according to the visitors`feed and the different advertising channels.

Video marketing and photograpy

Creating of the video materials

The next step in the presenting of your business are the professional video materials, following the main slogans from the marketing strategy, the target group and the advertising channels. We commit with the preparing of the script, the logistic process, the script, the montage and the processing of the whole video. In the end you will find a short, informative videos that will become a indispensable part of your presence and a very important method for reaching your main goals.

Web design and development

Releasing of the completed website

The final version of your webiste consists a thematic photographic and video materials, which we have filmed and informatin, based on the previous analyzes about you and your business. The web-design is oriented following the preferences of your potential clients in a a way that will provoke them to make an action.

Software development

Automatisation of the business processes

We integrate software products and applications that optimize the working process and improve the level of satisfaction of the clients from your service. The high-tech solutions are absolutely adapted to your and your business needs.

Grow your brand

The most important thing for the intergranted marketing communications is the rule that 1+1 is more than 2, because the effect from the intergrated marketing is much overshooted, regarded to the simple calculations from the results of the seperated campaigns. This is why this rule is a vital part of our work – to offer you the full range of marketing service, which will help your business to grow and improve.