Integrated digital marketing

We create and perform a full marketing strategy for your business and its presence over the Internet. Our job is to make you achieve your individual goals, using gradually and enduring methods for improving the reputation and establishing of your brand as a leader in its niche.

While we are working together you will take the advantage of a whole digital marketing plan and support that guarantee better positioning of your brand on the market and long-term, sustainable and concrete results, regarding on the popularity and the expansion of your business.

Strategic brand management

We believe that the good targeting of the services and products a front of the audiences is the main part of the success. Our work is grounded on the principle of successful strategies in attracting new clients and making more sales.

The essential part of our work is that we are not “working on pieces”. We offer a combination of a marketing methods for creating a complete brand and coorporate indentity over the Internet

Long-term predictable results

We approach an individual method for each of our projects and we rely on a marketing analysis to underline the strength of your product or service.

We mark out measurable targets and analyze the results on every stages of our work together. Internet is a very changing environment. This is why we keep on eye on the latest trends to offer you a modern and attractive presence, which guarantees a high effectivity of the online campaigns.

Business development

Startup company


Grow your brand

The most important thing for the intergranted marketing communications is the rule that 1+1 is more than 2, because the effect from the intergrated marketing is much overshooted, regarded to the simple calculations from the results of the seperated campaigns. This is why this rule is a vital part of our work – to offer you the full range of marketing service, which will help your business to grow and improve.


Interior design

What we did for the project

Interior design of apartments, bars, restorants, stores, hotels, offices, home and office renovation and manufacturing of custom furniture.


Custom kitchens

What we did for the project

Dialog offers original, classical and modern kitchens for every lifestyle. Every model is carefully designed to be practical and functional.

Dr. Lilia Guduleva

Aesthetic medicine

What we did for the project

Aestetic medicne and skin treatment with cosmetics fillers and mesotherapy for a better look of the skin and better self confidence.

Black Market

Custom-made clothes

What we did for the project

The service that Black Market offers is custom-made clothes in a classical design, combined with a modern trends, focusing on the personal styling to become an essential part of your permanent style.

Kambov Dental clinic

Dental clinic

What we did for the project

If you need a good dentist, our main responsibility is to make you feel comfortable in the dentist office and to leave with beautiful and healthly teeths.

Beautiful smile

Dental studio

What we did for the project

The magic of the beautiful smile hides behind the natural look of the smile – its form, size and the teeth arrangement – a smile that shines.


Targeted advertising

We created a whole media plan, combined with an advertising campaigns in a several channels and we succeeded to reach to the maximum of our potential clients.

Marketing strategy

Outpace competition

The whole conception for the digital marketing of Acherno was built on the idea to be in a long-term plan.

Video marketing and photograpy

Integrated branding

We developed the conception for the photo session and the video presenting in together with the vision of the site.

Web design and development

Evaluating different strategies

The structure of the webiste has been created in a way that will allow us to make changes more easily in the future.

Web design and development

Starting a new brand

The web design of Black Market had to combine the different colour schemes with the variety of pictures, without being obsessive.

Web design and development

Stylish web presence

The design of the website had to leave the visitor with the impression for a professionalism and to inspire credence

Web design and development

A full re-design

The effectivity of the re-design of the website of “Kitchens Dialog ” was beyond the expectations.

Marketing strategy

Earn patients trust

The strategy for the digital marketing was based on the presenting of dr. Kambov as a high qualified specilist and building a confidence in the potential patients to him and his work.

Marketing strategy

Step by step

Together with Black Market we developed a conception for the service and its promoting - how to be presented, defining of the target groups and what should be the price range of the products.

Video marketing and photograpy

Provocative photo session

The final result is impressive because of the unique vision, despite of the low budget and the short period of time, in which the phtoto session was made.

Marketing strategy

Choose a proven strategy

The short period of time for advertising defined the main method of promoting of “Kitchens Dialog”.

Video marketing and photograpy

Behind the scenes

To popularize and to impose the new fashion line of DJ Marten, created together with Black Market, we made a series of video clips in which we focused on the original style of the clothes.

Software development

In a favour to the patient

We created an online dental database, to engage in long-term part the patients and to increase not just their confidence in the service, but their loyalty, too.

Video marketing and photograpy

Video marketing

We craeted some video materials as the best way to present the business of "Acherno".